Data Migration Tutorial

How to backup your Google Apps official email to Outlook

  1. Open Outlook

  2. Go to file - add account


  1. Fill up the dialog box with your name, email id and password

Screenshot (3).png

  1. Click next

  2. When the configuration is completed, click Next

Screenshot (4).png

  1. Select POP or IMAP

Screenshot (6).png

  1. Next

Enter the information as given below
  1. Go to more setting


  1. Select Outgoing Server tab on the top and check the box as shown below:


  1. Go to Advanced tab and fill up the Incoming (993, SSL) and Outgoing Server (587, TLS)  information as shown below:

Screenshot (9).png

  1. Click OK and Next

  2. Dialog box will pop up and the password that you enter should be your app password (“How to generate app password?” is given below.) from your account.


                                      How to generate app password:


Login into Google Apps Account - My Account


Select Signing into Google


Click App password


Click select app - select other


Type “outlook” in the box


Click generate   


13. Copy the app password and paste it



14. Click Ok - Finish

15.  Once you complete the settings, all the data will be exported from your google apps account into outlook.

Screenshot (26).png

16. Download Outlook Migration tools from the link given below:


17. Install the tool

18. Open the migration tool

Dialog box will appear and enter the email id where you want to migrate your official data


19. Click continue

20. Login into your account where you want to migrate

21. Click Allow


22. Select outlook and check migrate all data

Screenshot (42).png

23. Select the data you want to import

Screenshot (43).png

24. Select migrate

Migration status dialog box will appear

25. Finish

You will see a folder/label with your official email id. once you finish migrating the data as shown in the screenshot below:

Screenshot (223).png

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