Do's and Don't for G Suite agency admins

Do's and Don't for G Suite agency admins
Have a doubt on admin's right? Here is the clarification.



  1. Manage users

  1. Do’s

    1. Reset the User Password only if,

      1. Request are from the users

    2. Generate Backup Codes only if,

      1. Request are from the users

    3. Rename User Name

      1. Incase of spelling mistakes

      2. As per the prescribed Naming Convention

      (eg:-,, )

    1. Map Alias (How to add alias?

      1. As per the user’s designation (ex.

    2. Create and manage sub-organisations (How to create sub organisation?

      1. Organize users within the sub-organizations

    3. Inform DITT support team on user’s transfer with details

  1. Don’ts

    1. Delete the user

      1. Transferred/resigned user accounts must not be deleted. Refer 1. a. vii.

  1. Change the user’s domain incase of transfer. Refer 1. a. vii

  2. Reset user password without prior request from the user

  3. Provision the user to other user than allocated

  4. Rename the user

    1. With designation/position title. E.g Designation /Position title can only be reflected as an alias.

  5. Surrender users without taking backup

    1. Assist users to take their data backup (How to back up data using takeout

    2. Retain a copy of data before surrendering/deleting

  1. Common Resource Folder

     1.  To create necessary common resources folders for their Dzongkhag/Ministry/Agency

  • Letter Head

  • Standard Organisation Presentation Template

  • Leave forms or any other forms that are for common usage( Eg. LTC, PE, etc)

  • Logo for agency/RGOB

  1. Group Admins

  1.  Can add the members

  • Click on grid icon

  • Then click to group icon

  • Click on the My group

  • Click to the particular group

  • Click to Manage

  • Click on Invite Members

  • Enter the email id of the user

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  1. For EOL user

Keep the users as it is so that they can use the account  when they return in case of the resignation of the EOL users it's the responsibility of IT to inform DITT Support Team

  1. Users transferred to Education Sector (Ministry Of Education)

Google apps for government is a paid service and google apps for education (GAFE) is a free service and therefore are different. If users are transferred to MoE, then the users needs to backup the data if required before deletion of the account from google apps for government. The user can contact MoE ICT to create the new account for google apps for education in MoE domain.